The Ban on Single-Use Plastics in the UK: What You Need to Know

Numerous researchers and scientists have been working endlessly to raise more awareness about the harrowing effects of plastic on our environment. This is why the UK government has taken action to combat the plastic pollution crisis and decided to ban single-use plastic. 

Single-use plastic includes things like polystyrene cups, plastic cutlery, and disposable plastic plates. Even the most quotidian routine things involve the wastage of plastic like getting groceries in a flimsy plastic carrier bag, eating take-out with plastic cutlery, etc. Plastic is hardly recycled and takes hundreds of years to degrade. 

This is why a ban on single-use plastic will prove to be extremely beneficial for the environment. Many companies have also started to manufacture sustainable and organically made products as alternatives to plastic such as bamboo cutlery, and organic bamboo straws. Taking small steps like these will slowly heal our environment. 

Why a Ban Is Important

Plastic pollution is responsible for killing millions of innocent sea mammals, turtles, and birds every year. According to a report, England uses approximately 1.1 billion disposable plates and 4.25 billion plastic cutlery items annually. Only a small percentage of these are recycled while the rest are accumulating in the oceans. 

Single-use plastics threaten the lives of endangered wildlife species and put all of our lives in danger. When sunlight hits plastic, it results in the emanation of powerful greenhouse gases which are responsible for global warming.

Saving the Environment

The UK government has also been making efforts to promote recycling plastic. Ministers have been working to introduce a deposit return scheme for plastic bottles and implement a tax on plastic packaging. This is will encourage people to turn to recycle more often and in turn save the environment. 

Passing the Environment Act and banning single-use plastic in the UK is a big step that will restrict the use of wasteful plastic products like plastic straws, cotton buds, and disposable plates.  

It’s important to take the necessary steps toward saving our planet. Making conscious choices that involve being sustainable, cutting down on plastic, and recycling materials are crucial to saving the earth. This is why you should check out organic and sustainable products by My Little Panda. 

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