A Day of Understanding and Love: Embracing True Selves

Today has been a great day. I spoke with one of my closest, and we shared a moment of understanding and confirmation of the love we hold for each other. She is very special to me—my number one, after all. This journey as a family has been filled with ups and downs, but I'm incredibly happy that she has finally accepted me as her dad, especially after my deep emotional transformation.

For so long, there was a misunderstanding that lingered, but today, I had the chance to explain to my number one that it was never about me. In our family dynamic, I am the number three; it was always about the number two. Everything I have learned from my research in the field has been to help number two reach her true self and discover what she truly desires, without seeking external validation. It's about looking inward and fully trusting oneself—that's the key to escaping the tunnel of self-doubt and fear that can overshadow one's life.

It's a scary process at first, and it takes time to settle into this new emotional landscape, especially for women, who often deal with fluctuating hormones and emotions. However, through my extensive testing and experience, I know number two can trust me. My intention was never to be forceful or overwhelming but to encourage her to see that there's only one true path to self-discovery. I've seen this work time and again, which is why I'm sharing it here in this blog post.

Everyone deserves to be their true selves, and this comes from listening to both your brain and your gut when making decisions. When these align, you know you're following your true desires. The more you give your true self what it needs, the more fulfilled you'll feel. This is just how it works. I practice this daily, along with forgiveness, and I must say, after 21 days, it has become second nature to me, especially the forgiveness of self-defense.

Number two is on her own journey now, and she doesn't have many days left to fully embrace her true self and discover her desires. She's already on day seven, and while the push and overwhelm might seem intense, it helps break down fears and vulnerabilities. When you face a significant amount of fear all at once, everything else seems more manageable in comparison.

Today, my conversation with number one was beautiful. I miss our little chats. She is beautiful inside and out, the true essence of my love. Take care, everyone, and remember to cherish your number twos. I miss number two with all my heart and am sure you will too after reading this. Patience is key. I have plenty, but I am a little tired after the long wait.

Take care, and stay true to yourselves.


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