Finding Wellbeing: A Personal Journey and Shared Wisdom

Yesterday, I had a deep conversation with a friend about wellbeing. It's a topic I've discussed with her before, but for some reason, whenever I bring it up, people seem to think I'm opposing their sense of wellbeing. It's absolutely ludicrous, and I see it happen time and time again. Frankly, I'm just tired of it.

Wellbeing is a personal journey, and there's only one way to find it: you have to do it yourself. How could I possibly do it for you? I'm not a god, nor do I know what resides inside you, how you feel, or how you perceive your own reality. Each individual's journey to wellbeing is unique, and it’s shaped by their personal experiences, thoughts, and perspectives.

I only share my thoughts on wellbeing with people I truly care about, those who deserve my effort. I explain everything meticulously to ensure they take the right path. That's what I call care. When you know something works, you naturally want to share it with those you love. The rest have the choice to find their own wellbeing in their own way.

This mutual care works both ways for me. The people who truly and genuinely care for me show me the way to find my own wellbeing, one way or another. It's a 50/50 relationship, and that's the best part of life—being 50/50, knowing it, or even better, when it happens naturally. It’s the best feeling in the world.

I cherish those who truly care for me. They show appreciation, they say thank you, and they love what I do for them. It’s normal human nature to question everything—it's called common sense. For the rest, they will find their way to their own wellbeing, and if they decide to stay as they are and not care, well, that’s an option too.

So, have a wonderful day, everyone, as wonderful as you all are. Life is full of surprises, and every day is a new opportunity. Since finding my own wellbeing thanks to someone special, life is on the way up for all those I truly care about.

Remember, wellbeing is a personal journey. Embrace it, share it with those you love, and appreciate the ones who care for you. Viva wellbeing and the people who truly care!

Here’s to a beautiful life and to Paris Familys with new song below. We love it. Every day is a new surprise, and from now on, having found our wellbeing, life is on the rise for everyone.

Familys- New Song

The song "Stars" by Simply Red, released in 1991 as the title track of their fourth studio album, is a soulful pop track that speaks to themes of love, longing, and admiration. The lyrics express deep affection and yearning for a loved one, often comparing the beloved to stars, which symbolize beauty, constancy, and something that shines brightly in the darkness.

Key themes and messages in the song include:

  1. Admiration and Love: The narrator expresses profound admiration and love for someone, indicating how they light up their life like stars in the sky.
  2. Longing and Desire: There's a sense of longing and desire, as the narrator wishes to be close to their loved one and expresses how significant their presence is.
  3. Hope and Aspiration: The stars also symbolize hope and aspiration, suggesting that the narrator sees their loved one as someone who inspires them and gives them hope.

Overall, "Stars" by Simply Red is a poetic and romantic song that uses the imagery of stars to convey deep emotions and the importance of a cherished person in the narrator's life.

 Stay blessed and take care,

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