Learning to Forgive Daily and Staying True to Yourself

Learning to forgive daily and staying true to yourself is not easy, but it is achievable when you truly want to. First, you need to understand what forgiveness means. Let's take, for example, a priest at a church. If you request to see him in private to confess your sins, he will listen and then say, "I forgive you, child." The reality is, only God forgives, but why does the priest say, "I forgive you, child"?

When I was a little boy, my father used to take me to church and dress me up in a cheap suit. In the hot climate of Cyprus, it was so itchy. Just thinking about it now, I had to forgive my father for dressing me up in that suit. As I reflect while writing, it was an awful experience. Whenever I come across an experience that my true self didn’t like, I forgive everything and anything. It only works when you say it with empathy, from the gut, heart, and so on.

Research from the 1970s on prosthetic limbs shows that it takes about 21 days for a person to get used to a prosthetic limb. The same applies to psychology. For the subconscious to get used to forgiving automatically, it takes 21 days of practice. Then, you do it on autopilot, meaning your subconscious reminds you to forgive everything that doesn’t belong to you or that you didn’t like in the past. Click here for an update report

I just forgave my keyboard for being old and difficult to write on. Why not? Would I buy a new one? No, because when you forgive, you don’t forget; you just detach emotions like guilt, anger, resentment, and so on. It’s a nice feeling in the back of the head, letting emotions go away. It’s like a tingle. When you get that feeling, you know it works. If not, then you haven’t used the exact words for what you want to forgive. Try again. Once you get the feeling, you know it worked. If nothing happens, then there’s nothing to forgive.

It’s best to check all options before moving on. It’s the best way to train your subconscious and leave nothing behind. When you forgive everything, you live in the moment, and there’s an empty space behind. For me, reflecting happens when I am having conversations or writing. Once I write, it’s a reminder to myself to forgive any kind of situation. Hence, many of my stories involve the past what happen a day ago , or an hour ago, i have already dealt with my sins from the long pass, maybe just a few little very little ones that i forgot , like the one today, i forgave my dad for taking me to churge on a horrible suit, :). It’s like a reminder if I left anything behind when i write. Best to keep a diarry and write dailly your experiances, this way you remmebr to forgive everyone and everything. 

I never read my texts after writing them. What’s the point? Once I write it, I know it’s there. Why get involved with the past? The present is better, with nice emotions, your self-desires, and achieving your desires to keep your true self happy. Let me tell you, it involves a lot of vulnerability, tons of it. I have experienced this and have come to like vulnerability. After a while, you think, "If that’s what it takes to be my true self, then I will do it." All fears and anxieties eventually go away, and you start climbing up, which is great when you eventually get to the top.

Back to the story of the priest. I did ask my dad back then, "Why does the priest forgive people?" I told my dad I thought God forgives, not the priest. My dad was a clever man and forgave everything. People who knew him say he was a man of dreams; he could sit alone for hours, dreaming of his own world. It came naturally to him. I never asked him how he knew; I just knew he knew. It was easy to figure out, just by his face, the way he looked, and the way he acted. Always by the side of his true love, my mum. She was his boss, but he loved it.

He passed away shortly after my mum got really bad with Alzheimer’s. I had a chat with him on his last night. He couldn’t recognize my mum, so for him, my mum was already passed away, although alive. So, he thought, what’s the point of staying alive? He left happy, especially when he forgave himself for not accepting me for who I had become and admitting he was wrong about me. He also told me to ensure the house went to my daughter and all the money to his best friend. I agreed with him. I needed nothing and got nothing from him. He gave me the best gift: he accepted me as his beloved son, and that’s worth millions and billions.

When I went to the graves, Ntinos came with me, my cousin’s husband. We always got on well with Ntinos. He is a tough cookie and very clever. He is silent, but don’t underestimate him. He knows more than you think, and that is how it should be. Ntinos guided me on how to talk to my brother and my father at his grave. I believed him because I trusted Ntinos with all my heart. After all, he is a man of God and a true believer. I had nothing to fear from his advice, so I did exactly what he said and asked the favors as Ntinos told me.

At that moment, I knew it would happen, as a few things occurred at the graves and when we went home. Even Ntinos couldn’t explain them. I knew he knew what it was, but we both kept our silence. Some things are better left unexplained, hence I am not putting them in this blog. It’s just for Ntinos and me.

The priest said my dad forgave so he could detach emotions and sleep at night; otherwise, he would have all the emotions of feeling sorry, sad for each person. Is  gift that the priest gives to his self to detouch emmotions, then is just thoughts and the wind takes them away with nothing to think of the pass only if is a part of a conversation or writting like i do, and is easy going back there is no feelings just thoughts, as life it should be, no anger just love. Once I understood forgiveness, I went back in time to find myself. I thought to try it on myself, and oh God, it worked. Once I knew it worked, there was no stopping me. I tested it on myself and others and then shared it with a special person because I knew it would be good for both of us. It’s just how it was. Then, I practiced and practiced to understand more and help as many people as I could. I made a promise to my dad when I visited his grave: if he helped me to help a special person out of depression, I would give anything for free and help as many people as I could.

I made the same request to my brother Panicos, who was a psychologist. He gave me his wisdom on how to talk to people. But the reality is, I wasn’t my brother. He had it easy with his title of psychologist. When people went to see him, they already knew what to expect. I knew for me and my style, which is honest to the max, I could get shot before I got accepted as a psychologist. And yes, that happened time and again. But I wanted to prove to my daughter that even when the world is against you, if you believe in something, you can’t stop; you have to carry on to achieve your dream. From the minute you dream it and believe it, there is no stopping you. You will achieve it, and there is no turning back.

I hope you enjoy this blog post and find what you are looking for. For me, it’s all about honesty and the right timing as I learn to handle my true self, just because I have accepted the new reality. It wasn’t easy, but I have managed it well, apart from a few explosions along the way. By explosions, I mean emotional ones, with a bit of help from a special detective whom I will remember for the rest of my life.

The most difficult part is to separate the thoughts of the brain from what your true self loves and desires. With a bit of practice, you can get there. It is basically simple: if your gut, heart, and brain align, then you know you have the correct answer for what your true self desires.

There is a film on Netflix that explains all about how the gut is connected with the brain. Click here to watch it, or whenever you are ready. The rest of the thoughts we all have come and go by the hundreds. It wouldn't be normal if we didn't have them, and it makes navigating them more fascinating. What would life be without any risk? Nothing.


Here is a couple of exmples of forgivness as their star sign , for cancer for example and the one after for virgo:

For individuals born under the Cancer star sign (June 21 - July 22), daily forgiveness can be essential for their emotional well-being due to their sensitive and nurturing nature. Here are specific aspects they might need to forgive daily:

1. Self-criticism

Cancers can be very self-critical, often feeling they haven't done enough or aren't good enough. They need to forgive themselves for perceived shortcomings and embrace self-compassion.

2. Past Hurts

Cancers tend to hold onto past emotional wounds. They need to practice forgiving old hurts and letting go of lingering resentment to avoid carrying it into their present life.

3. Others' Insensitivity

Due to their sensitivity, Cancers may feel hurt by others' words or actions more easily. They need to forgive others' insensitivities, understanding that not everyone expresses emotions as they do.

4. Unmet Expectations

Cancers often have high expectations of themselves and others. They need to forgive when these expectations aren't met, recognizing that perfection isn't always attainable.

5. Emotional Overreactions

Given their strong emotional responses, Cancers may sometimes overreact. They need to forgive themselves for these moments and strive to handle emotions more constructively.

6. Overextending Themselves

Cancers are natural caregivers who often put others' needs before their own. They need to forgive themselves when they can't help everyone or need to prioritize self-care.

7. Fear of Vulnerability

Cancers may fear being too vulnerable, which can lead to closing off from others. They need to forgive themselves for this fear and allow themselves to be open and authentic.

8. Family Dynamics

Family is crucial for Cancers, and family conflicts can deeply affect them. They need to forgive family members for misunderstandings and conflicts, focusing on love and connection.

Practicing these forms of forgiveness can help Cancer individuals maintain emotional balance and improve their relationships with themselves and others.

ere are specific admissions for individuals born under the Cancer star sign (June 21 - July 22), along with brief explanations for each:

  1. "I am worthy of love and care."

    • Explanation: Cancers often prioritize others over themselves. Admitting their own worth helps them recognize that they deserve the same love and care they give to others.
  2. "It's okay to put myself first sometimes."

    • Explanation: Cancers are natural caregivers. Acknowledging that self-care is essential allows them to recharge and better support those around them.
  3. "I can let go of the past."

    • Explanation: Cancers tend to hold onto past experiences and emotions. Accepting that they can release these helps them move forward more freely and optimistically.
  4. "I am allowed to express my emotions."

    • Explanation: Cancers can bottle up their feelings to avoid burdening others. Recognizing that expressing emotions is healthy and necessary can lead to better emotional health.
  5. "I don't need to fix everything for everyone."

    • Explanation: Cancers often feel responsible for others' problems. Admitting that they can’t solve everything frees them from unnecessary stress and helps them set healthy boundaries.
  6. "I can accept help from others."

    • Explanation: Cancers are used to being the helpers. Accepting support from others can strengthen their relationships and provide them with needed assistance.
  7. "I can embrace change."

    • Explanation: Cancers prefer stability and routine. Acknowledging that change can bring growth and new opportunities helps them navigate life's transitions with greater ease.
  8. "I am not defined by my past."

    • Explanation: Cancers can be deeply affected by past experiences. Admitting that they are not bound by their past allows them to create a new, positive narrative for their future.
  9. "I deserve to follow my dreams."

    • Explanation: Cancers often put their own aspirations on hold for others. Recognizing their own dreams and ambitions is important for personal fulfillment and happiness.
  10. "I can say no without feeling guilty."

    • Explanation: Cancers tend to overextend themselves to please others. Learning to say no respectfully and without guilt helps them maintain their own well-being.
  11. "I am strong and resilient."

    • Explanation: Cancers can sometimes feel overwhelmed by their sensitivity. Admitting their inner strength helps them face challenges with greater confidence.
  12. "I can trust my intuition."

    • Explanation: Cancers have strong intuitive abilities. Trusting their gut feelings can guide them toward better decisions and protect their emotional health.
  13. "I can create healthy boundaries."

    • Explanation: Cancers often struggle with setting boundaries due to their nurturing nature. Admitting the need for boundaries helps them protect their energy and well-being.
  14. "I am allowed to have fun and enjoy life."

    • Explanation: Cancers can be very focused on responsibilities. Recognizing the importance of fun and relaxation helps them achieve a balanced and joyful life.
  15. "I can forgive myself and others."

    • Explanation: Cancers tend to hold onto grudges and regrets. Practicing forgiveness can release emotional burdens and improve their mental and emotional health.

These admissions can help Cancer individuals nurture their own well-being while continuing to care for others, leading to a more balanced and fulfilling life.

 One more for variaty (21 days - all will be ok as i promise from the start , sending carriege, tons of it)

For individuals born under the Virgo star sign (August 23 - September 22), daily forgiveness is crucial due to their analytical, perfectionist, and sometimes overly critical nature. Here are specific aspects they might need to forgive daily:

1. Self-criticism

Virgos are notorious for their self-criticism. They need to forgive themselves for not being perfect and accept that making mistakes is a part of growth and learning.

2. Imperfections in Others

Due to their high standards, Virgos can be critical of others' flaws. They need to forgive others for not meeting their exacting standards and appreciate people for who they are.

3. Overthinking

Virgos often overthink and worry excessively. They need to forgive themselves for getting caught up in overanalysis and strive to focus on the present moment.

4. Unfulfilled Expectations

Virgos set high expectations for themselves and others. They need to forgive when these expectations aren’t met, understanding that flexibility and adaptability are important.

5. Minor Flaws

Virgos notice small details and can be overly concerned with minor flaws. They need to forgive these small imperfections in their environment and in people, recognizing that nothing is ever perfectly perfect.

6. Need for Control

Virgos like to have things under control. They need to forgive themselves when things don’t go as planned and learn to embrace uncertainty and spontaneity.

7. Inadequate Self-care

Virgos often prioritize others' needs over their own. They need to forgive themselves for neglecting self-care and make time to nurture their own well-being.

8. Overcommitting

Virgos can take on too many responsibilities due to their helpful nature. They need to forgive themselves when they can't fulfill every commitment and understand that it's okay to set boundaries.

9. Harsh Judgments

Virgos can be harsh in their judgments, both of themselves and others. They need to practice forgiving these judgments and adopting a more compassionate outlook.

10. Difficulty in Relaxing

Virgos can find it hard to relax and enjoy downtime. They need to forgive themselves for this difficulty and allow themselves moments of rest and relaxation without guilt.

Practicing these forms of forgiveness can help Virgo individuals maintain emotional balance, enhance their well-being, and improve their relationships with themselves and others.

here are the admissions for Virgos with brief explanations for each:

  1. "I am enough just as I am."

    • Explanation: Virgos often feel the need to constantly improve themselves. Admitting that they are inherently valuable can help them cultivate self-acceptance.
  2. "It's okay to make mistakes."

    • Explanation: Virgos strive for perfection, which can lead to self-criticism. Accepting that mistakes are part of the learning process allows them to grow without undue stress.
  3. "I don't have to control everything."

    • Explanation: Virgos have a tendency to want to manage every detail. Recognizing that some things are beyond their control can reduce anxiety and promote peace of mind.
  4. "I need to prioritize self-care."

    • Explanation: Virgos often put others' needs first. Admitting the importance of self-care helps them maintain their health and well-being, enabling them to better support others.
  5. "I can ask for help when I need it."

    • Explanation: Virgos can be self-reliant to a fault. Accepting that asking for help is a strength, not a weakness, can foster stronger, more supportive relationships.
  6. "Imperfections are a natural part of life."

    • Explanation: Virgos notice and can be bothered by imperfections. Embracing imperfections helps them appreciate the beauty in life's natural variability.
  7. "I deserve to relax and unwind."

    • Explanation: Virgos are often industrious and driven. Allowing themselves time to relax can prevent burnout and promote overall well-being.
  8. "I can't please everyone, and that's okay."

    • Explanation: Virgos often try to meet others' expectations. Accepting that it's impossible to please everyone helps them set healthy boundaries and focus on their own happiness.
  9. "My worth is not tied to my productivity."

    • Explanation: Virgos can equate their value with how much they accomplish. Understanding that their worth is inherent, not based on productivity, can foster a healthier self-image.
  10. "I can embrace and adapt to change."

    • Explanation: Virgos may prefer routine and stability. Admitting that change is a part of life can help them adapt more easily and seize new opportunities.
  11. "I deserve compassion and kindness from myself."

    • Explanation: Virgos are often critical of themselves. Practicing self-compassion and kindness can improve their emotional resilience and self-esteem.
  12. "I can let go of past regrets and move forward."

    • Explanation: Virgos may dwell on past mistakes. Recognizing that the past can't be changed and focusing on the present helps them move forward constructively.
  13. "I am grateful for the things I have."

    • Explanation: Virgos can be focused on what needs improvement. Practicing gratitude helps them appreciate the positives in their lives, fostering contentment and joy.
  14. "Spontaneity can bring joy and excitement."

    • Explanation: Virgos often prefer plans and schedules. Embracing spontaneity can lead to unexpected joy and a richer, more varied life experience.
  15. "I can trust my intuition and inner wisdom."

    • Explanation: Virgos rely heavily on logic and analysis. Trusting their intuition allows them to balance their analytical skills with their innate wisdom and insight.

These admissions, combined with their natural strengths, can help Virgos lead a more balanced, fulfilling life.

I was going to write all the star signs but i just dont have time, i am sure you can get them online. 

Take care and enjoy yourselves,

Paris take care of your well-bing and stay true to your selfs

(Real story as it happen)

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