Moments of Grace: Love, Legacy, and Life's Little Surprises.

Just another day in paradise with an angel, I saw the angel yesterday by accident when I dropped off some love corn. I left one pile of about 10 packets of popcorn, expressing that love is found in little things. If I were going to see her today, it would be two days in a row (works as one), which is quite something. If I make a mistake, all I have to say is my dad's slogan, 'Kai mia fora o Aris'—a phrase from a football team in Cyprus that rarely won. When they did win, they used this slogan. I use it to honor my dad. But if you're looking for something simpler, remember that even the queen has lost at times. No one can win all the time; it wouldn't be healthy. We all need to stay humble; it's the best way forward so we can be open to all the surprises that life shows us. Best of luck, Paris.

Ps: And i show the angel something else too, but is private and can not be share, plus i did change my mind and when and drop something else this morning 1+1  is good for wellneing, after all she did look after mine. 50/50 is didfficult to achive but if you try everything is possible. And if at times feels like 90 /10 is fine too , eventually when they trully love you they do come around and makes up for lost time. Thank you mother nature and universe for the rain this morning, although you destroy my cigarette that i souldnt be smoking, ( honesty kills me some times, god help me - found the way i guess for innocent little lies just to make the world more special so everyone is happy. :) ) the garden patio floor looks crystal clean. Well it was about time. 

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