Reflections on Forgiveness

Today has been a day filled with helping others from the early morning. A few weeks ago, I went out for a drink with a friend who today asked for advice regarding his daughter being bullied at school. I didn't know how to explain as I had never met his daughter, so I chose not to say much. Both he and I felt disappointed. I prefer to stay honest rather than give advice about something I'm not familiar with.

Yesterday, I met his daughter for the first time, and within 20 seconds, I could sense what the issue was. I asked her a question after observing how she acted in front of her dad. It was all in her reaction, not what she actually said. I asked her if she liked "shooting" at people, which she denied, referring to verbal spats, and then I asked if she imagined doing so, to which she admitted yes. It became clear that her father had scolded her for being too outspoken, and she interpreted this as needing to suppress a natural part of herself. The solution is to manage it rather than suppress it. I left it at that.

This morning, I spoke with her father and explained the situation. I advised him to allow her to be herself but with control. He understood and appreciated the advice, which was delivered in a way that respected his privacy. He's a proud father and has practiced forgiveness before, which I know because he has done it with me. I also helped him to control his analytical mind rather than overthink, which he can now manage at will.

Other highlights of the day:

  1. I met a friend in the city who forgave his boss for causing him distress.
  2. Another friend found her true love.
  3. A friend had been unable to get a response from a girl he cares about. I encouraged him to follow his destiny, and she texted him today while we were in the car. Life's unpredictability is what makes it worth living.
  4. A friend near the office, initially upset with me for teaching him about forgiveness, is now practicing it himself, showing me signs of his progress.
  5. I guided a girl in managing her stubborn behavior; she now takes charge.
  6. I exchanged texts with a special person who I believe is the most beautiful woman in the world, and I feel very fortunate to have her in my life.
  7. I spent a lot of time with my friend Leo the Leo; we agree on everything. He is practicing forgiveness too.
  8. There was more to the day, but there’s simply no time to cover everything now.  Work for two companies my own, see clients, answer emails.

Time to wind down now, out tonight with my italian stalion friend for something to eat and discuss some future plans. He already told me he loves me, he is a true friend and i love him too. We have a good laugh together and that is the most importtant, just wind down from the day, i guess i started it already . i hope you too guys enjoy, is sunny inside out, i hope for all one day , because you deserve it. All you have to do is try, dream it , beleive it , achieve it. Viva mother nature, life, universe, winsdom.


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Kudos my good friend!
I wasn’t upset!


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