The Psychology of Wellbeing in the Modern World

Let's get into it right away and cut down the amount of time needed to discover it yourself. Here we go, 123. You started reading this blog post because something caught your eye. I assume it's the psychology behind wellbeing, which, in the modern world, is driven by external forces.

You are doing yoga, buying products with wellbeing significance to you, going for walks, meeting in pubs to let your hair down, booking the next holiday—always looking externally to satisfy yourself because that is what you have been told to do. You know it's wrong, but in reality, you do it in case you miss out. You listen to the news and believe them. You like getting things for free and believe all external validations are good, nice, and easy. After all, let's analyze it: if you are used to external validations to make you happy, then you will always look for that, correct? And you make one mistake after another but don’t learn from it. You think it's normal. You try everything, and nothing works. Wellbeing is not there after losing weight or going to the gym. You feel like a robot at work, but you need the money for mortgages and kids' schooling. When you get the money, it's not enough. Higher mortgages are needed to find external happiness. You feel like a failure, and when you go to sleep, your brain can’t stop thinking. You are on the move again.

The ego and the external validations have to keep coming, like a new top that lasts for three days before you need to buy another one. What the hell is wrong with you? Can you not see the signals? Are you so stupid? Yes, I am just realizing this while reading. Well, let's talk about wellbeing and the psychology behind it. It's simple: wellbeing starts from the inside first. But the fear you have of looking inside is impossible to control. Even now that you are reading this, your defenses are thinking about what you will read next. You want to read more, but now you are so exposed that you think the world will collapse. The reality is that understanding your true self can only be achieved one way: by confronting your deepest fears. Fear and being scared so badly that the only place left to look is inside. Realization kicks in. Don’t worry; we have a gift to give you. The psychology of wellbeing is only achieved by people who go through emotional transformation, and I have been through one so deep that it will blow your mind.


The way I found myself was to surround myself with new things, natural and sustainable, because that is how a true self should feel: natural and sustainable, meaning it needs to be an ongoing process. You can’t achieve it just by trying what I am about to give you. This needs to be read for the next 21 days every day to achieve what you have always wanted: your true self, no sleeping problems, making your own choices, no external validations, spending your money as your true self desires, and always at 50/50. Remember, your subconscious, as it is not used to taking orders from others due to your excess defenses built over the years, will try to stop you in every way. But use your curiosity to click on the link below and find heaven instead of hell.

Remember, you will have to read this process for 21 days for things to change. When you are ready to support our shop, please do so at your own timing. On the next page will be a link. Click on the link and read every 21 days all three pages, and you will be fine. Good luck. Viva Wellbeing. 123, go go go

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