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Day of leaning from others and opening doors to those who want to discover without revealing too much. It is the best way forward because when a person is ready to learn, they will learn about the options. All they have to do is ask, and when they ask, I deliver. It's like a promise I made to myself, it's like the unknown when I really needed someone to guide me and couldn’t find a single person to give me advice or an option. I was dropped right into the deep end and had to figure it out myself. All of it for me and my special lady who stole the key to my heart. I pretend I want it back just to make her happy, but the reality is I don’t want it back, it's just to make her feel happy that she has it. Keep this quiet and just between us guys.

Today, I met two ladies who expressed the desire to learn more, and I explained that the subconscious takes 7 years to be trained to readjust to the new reality. I also explained that people these days are a bit more switched on, and they already know there are options out there not to use plastic. But as they go for the price and what their subconscious tells them, or maybe when they know only one option, they buy products that are full of chemicals. While at home trying to relax, they notice everything: sofas made of plastic fabrics produced by oil, cutlery, tables with layers, carpets made from plastic to look natural. Is it a question to be asked? Do you really want the change or are you just a dreamer as you have been since you were born with only one solution in mind? At My Little Panda, we open doors with endless possibilities and you can choose the one that is more suitable for you. We are not here to push you in, we are here to show you that there are more options and it's down to you to figure it out. Good luck and have a nice day. Don’t forget to comment your thoughts, please. It's important for other people to get different perspectives other than mine.

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What a great way to look at life!


Good approach!

Jaewon Lee

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