Love Early: Wellbeing Starts from a Young Age

Wellbeing and forgiveness are intimately connected, and understanding this begins early in our lives. How sustainable are we? This pivotal question isn’t just for adults; it’s essential that we also teach our children to look after not only the external world—the aspects they share with others—but their inner worlds as well.

Growing up in a bustling city, I was often cautioned, “Don’t speak to strangers”—advice driven by survival in urban sprawls. Such environments can lead children to see the city as nothing more than a battleground for economic survival. However, at My Little Panda, we see beyond mere economic gains. We champion a life enriched by sustainability, starting from a tender age, encouraging our children to embrace eco-friendly practices as part of their personal development.

Allowing children to make open and informed decisions helps them to discover their true selves, rather than confining them until it’s too late. They should learn to trust their instincts, a lesson that begins by us showing trust in them. This trust is cultivated at home and influences how they engage with the wider world. Remember, advice is only as impactful as the trust behind it.

In our community, you’re welcome to share your views anonymously. What matters most is the intent behind your actions and nurturing a sustainable, thoughtful lifestyle from a young age. Whether you know me as John, Steve, or Andrew, it’s not my name but my actions that count—and, most importantly, yours. Let’s guide our young ones to be mindful of both their personal wellbeing and the environmental legacy they will inherit. My Little Panda is more than a brand; it's a commitment to fostering a greener, kinder world starting from the earliest stages of life.

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