When You Don't Follow the Life Signs: Life Hits You Hard

Yesterday, I had a surprise that I was kind of expecting. You see, when you're ready for anything and deal with life with empathy and honesty, nothing can catch you off guard. You don't even need a solicitor. I mean, they are trained to present things in a certain way. I chose not to have one; I just explained things as they are, and voila, everyone was speechless.

It was the perfect holiday for me—nice, relaxing, recharging, and enjoying life's gifts. It's nice to reflect and enjoy the moments of success. When others realize what they have done, they often feel like the English weather: bloody awful. You just don't know what to expect until you mess up and then find that what was already there was so good.

It's just human nature, I guess, and for some people, they need to learn the hard way. The more you try to help them, they think you're guiding them in the wrong direction. Well, that is true if you don't know what you're doing. But if you have a Ph.D. in Philosophy and the intuition of reading from the gut, then you know exactly what they desire. It's never up to me; it's up to them. I just read their desires from the gut and guide them to find them, because this is what their true selves need. I guess this is what you call true well-being.

Enjoy as much as I do writing this blog and the last two days. Practice makes perfect. Paris with his Number 3.

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