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Corporate Gifts

Natural. Sustainable. Stylish.

    Direct gift delivery

    We can deliver eco-friendly gifts on your behalf to a recipient of your choice. Choose a product, stroll to the bottom of the page, and learn how?

    Package you can use. It's already a gift.

    The packaging acts as a wrapping, offering a double-sided label space for a message, which removes the need for gift wrap.

    Direct Delivery Service Ships Quick and Easy

    Use My Little Panda’s Direct Delivery Service to ship corporate gifts to your clients and employees fast. Our system is designed to transport gifts to your desired location and persons when you want them and the way you want them. 

    Sustainable Deliveries for Your Business

    Not only do we deliver client gifts fast and the way you want them, but we also deliver them sustainably. This cost-effective, sustainable practice benefits you, your clients, and the environment. You also reduce emissions by sending gifts directly to your clients.

    Corporate Gifts in Beautiful and Classy Wrapping

    My Little Panda prides itself on its sustainable practices as well as its efficient operations. However, we also place emphasis on presentation and aesthetics. That’s why each one of our corporate gift packages are hand wrapped.

    We Also Do Engraving

    My Little Panda provides in-house engraving for our products. This adds a personal touch to any corporate gifts you’re sending out, even if they are in bulk.

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