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Send Personalized Letterbox Gifts to Your Clients Using My Little Panda’s Direct Delivery
Now Available with the Option of Direct Delivery
SUSTAINABLE My Little Panda’s Direct Delivery Service Transports Letterbox Gifts Quick and Easy
Use My Little Panda’s Direct Delivery Service to ship letterbox gifts to your clients and employees fast. Our system is designed to transport personalized gifts to your desired location and persons when you want them and the way you want them.
Available PRODUCTSMy Little Panda Combines Personalized Letterbox Gifts with Sustainable Deliveries

Not only do we deliver letterbox gifts fast and the way you want them, but we also deliver them sustainably. This doesn’t just benefit the environment, but it also personalizes communication between you and your clients or employees.

Choose From Our Beautiful Line Up of Letterbox Gifts.
MADE IN THE UKDirect Deliver Letterbox Gifts to Your Clients

In our online Shop, tap on the product you wish to gift and choose direct gift delivery option.

Gifts are delivered right through the letterbox, so the lucky recipient will be thrilled when it arrives gift-wrapped and delivered directly to their door! You can buy online and send a present today! All presents are gift-wrapped and sent with our Kraft paper gift cards on the day of your choice.
  • Once you’re done selecting the sustainable gifts, it’s time to click on the cart on the top right corner of the web page to confirm the selected items and their quantities. You can nominate a future delivery date (optional) in the message box that appears.
  • After confirming yourlist, you can simply hit checkout to order the items for direct delivery.

My Little Panda Direct Delivery FAQs

Yes, you can. For bulk delivery, you can contact our specialists at hello@mylittlepanda.co.uk,
or on the phone at 0203 961 7985.

While you can choose a specific date and time for your housewarming gifts’ delivery, it’s pertinent to note that we don’t offer direct delivery over the weekend. Additionally, since we use the Royal Mail Service, we can’t guarantee that the items will be delivered at the requested time of the day.

We allow three major
payment options include Shop Pay, PayPal, and G Pay.

You can add any personal message you want at checkout. We will make sure the message is handwritten on a sustainable kraft paper gift card.

The gifts are individually wrapped in kraft paper and double wall kraft envelopes for added security and protection.

We keep items in stocks in a facility in London and have in-house machinery used for custom engravings.

Yes. We have relationships with resellers outside the UK for all international orders.

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