Japanese Matcha Tea Kit

Japanese Matcha Tea Kit

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Now you can make cafe-quality matcha tea at home with this beautiful bamboo tea set. From the fine-bristles on the bamboo chasen (whisk) to the measuring scoop (chashaku) and spoon, this is an authentic way to make matcha, without using any plastic. Each and every one of these matcha tea sets has been handmade in Japan from 100% natural bamboo. It's no wonder that they're part of the My Little Panda's plastic-free range because not only do they add an air of authenticity to tea time but they also make a darn fine frothy matcha tea – so you can relax, revive and help save the planet.

Biodegradable ✓ Compostable ✓ BPA-free ✓ Sustainable ✓

Packaging includes Whisk (chasen), scoop (chashaku), and a bamboo spoon.View
Material 100% Natural Bamboo
Weight / Size 70gr / 13cm View

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