Natural Dish Soap MLP

Natural Dish Soap MLP

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Want a safer, more environmentally conscious dish soap that’s ideal for bamboo cutlery, and not only cleans but also disinfects? No synthetic chemicals, 100% natural and in a refillable, recyclable aluminium bottle, MLP dish soap does not mess around! Tough on germs, it kills 99.99% of them and yet is soft on the skin and safe to use around children. Return your empty bottle to us for refills and we’ll send it back topped up.

100% Natural ✓ Eco-friendly ✓

Packaging Includes X1 Dish Soap MLP - View
Ingredients Fenugreek, Cucumber, Jamaican Cherry, Thyme, Lime Citrus, Soursop, Vinegar, Vinegar Lemon, Argan Oil and other 100% natural extracts and essential oils.
Weight / Size 100ml / 13cm -View
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