Eco-Friendly Bamboo Cutlery

Sustainable Solution for Plastic-Free Dining


The bamboo cutlery is lightweight, durable, and crafted from high-quality bamboo. Its also non-toxic, chemical-free, and safe for food use. Perfect for eco-friendly dining.


The cutlery is made of soft olive wood, which is gentle on the palate and new teeth without the worry of breaking or splintering.


With its easy-grip curved surfaces, it makes scooping and grabbing food easy.


The set is made of 100% genuine olive wood. As olive wood is completely biodegradable, it can be disposed of safely.

Choose a style that suits you

Order a single spoon or a fork, or as a set. For eating on the go, the olive wood cutlery set can be purchased with soft bamboo bibs and hemp pouches.

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Product Story

As parents and friends of young ones, we wanted to develop a product that would be easy to grasp and gentle on soft, delicate mouths, while maintaining the My Little Panda ideals of environmentalism and ethical business. This eco fork and spoon have a smooth finish and are 100% natural. In spite of the fact that My Little Panda specializes in bamboo products, these limited edition sets are made from olive wood from Italy's Puglia region. This wood is made from trees that were cut down to prevent the spread of bacteria. As a result, we will reinvest money in the area to help olive growers restore their livelihoods and restore the magnificent olive groves.


Reusable: Yes
Material: Bamboo
Size: 19 cm
Country of origin: Vietnam

Care: Clean your bamboo cutlery, use a dishwasher or natural methods like hot, soapy water or vinegar and salt. As with all natural products, dry with a clean towel and rehydrate with mineral or olive oil to extend their life if they appear dry.

Design & Assembly

The Eco Baby Spoon & Fork has been designed by UK students.

"We accept designs from UK-based students that are studying Product and Industrial Design. Most of our products are bamboo-based and it is vital that all of our products are produced in an ethical and sustainable way. The design objective for any product submission is that it must contain no plastic and be completely chemical-free. If your design is put into production, you will receive a completed version of that product and £500. "

Assembled in the UK to make sure that all of our products adhere to British manufacturing and production standards, we offer employment opportunities to stay-at-home-parents, OAPs, and those who are less mobile, so that they can work to a timeframe that suits them. We deliver the products to assemble, directly to their door for ease. For enquiries about working for us, contact us.

Sustainability & Environment

Biodegradable: Yes 100%

Shipping: We want the environmental footprint of our business to be as minimal as possible. Our items are shipped to us via sea freight, producing 80% less carbon than air delivery.

Good to know. " Olive trees are slow-growing trees. Although they can begin bearing fruit between eight and fifteen years after planting, it can take between 65 and 80 years for their yields to stabilize. Due to this, making products from their wood is not particularly sustainable. We use olive wood that has already been cut in order to prevent the spread of the disease. By using this olive wood, we are taking the environmentally friendly route by preventing the spread of this disease as well as by investing in new olive groves. The wood is 100% organic and contains no harmful chemicals or BPAs meaning it is safe for you, your family and planet Earth. Organic and entirely biodegradable, the wood biodegrades when disposed of as does the bamboo fibre carry case and bib. "

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Agnes N.


It’s so great.

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It’s so great.

Agnes N.


It’s so great.

Ideal for urban commuting. You can't do steep hills with it.
In winter temperatures less than 50 km range.