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My little Panda Glass Coffee Cup

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For those who are sensitive towards the weird taste of plastic, paper, and stainless steel, our cup is the solution to your problem! Borosilicate glass is known to have a low solubility which enables the cup to deliver the original taste of your hot chocolate, coffee, espresso, latte, cappuccino and tea.

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Customized This Coffee cup

Great gift for staff
events or sell on Amazon.

Minimum order quantity is 200 with a custom logo and the color of your choice on the silicone sleeve and lid. 

Good for the environment

Good for  
your coffee

Our reusable cup is free from BPA chemical that is found on recyclable cup, it is safe for consuming and also eco-friendly for the environment.
My little panda Glass cup

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Join our growing list of retailers, cafes, coffee shops, bars, festivals, weddings and events planners, and be part of a revolutionary movement towards a plastic-free future. My little panda glass cups are a sustainable alternative to plastic and appeal to everyone.

Contact: David Fuentes