Disposable Bamboo Cutlery®

Set of 12 Pouch Ocean
  • Whether you're camping, having a barbeque at home, or simply eating on the go, the set is all you need to enjoy your food without having to compromise on your cutlery. Super lightweight, Stylish disposable Bamboo cutlery made from thicker bamboo makes the cutlery durable enough to be used multiple times.
    High-quality finish, without the "wooden" smell you may find in other products and free of splinters. Perfect for events, parties, picnics and camping.

            ✓ Plant-Based materials
            ✓ Reusable
            ✓ Durable 


    Made with Bamboo

    The pack includes:

    10 x  Forks 10 x Knives
    10 x  Knives Pouch Ocean
    Size 17cm / 6.6" Weight ea 10gr