Bamboo Cutlery Bundle®

Reusable Set of 12 " Ocean"
  • If you're ready to ditch throwaway plastic and pick up a sustainable alternative for your next meal, this reusable bamboo cutlery set does just the job. Each cutlery is hand made from a single bamboo, making them durable and non-splintering. 

    Whether you're picnicking in the park or at a friend's barbecue, there's no better way to show that you care about how you eat just as much as what you eat. Easy to keep clean and comes in a recycled cotton draw-string bag.

            ✓ Plant-based materials
            ✓ Reusable
            ✓ Durable


    Made with Bamboo

    The pack includes:

    4 x Forks 4 x Spoons
    4 x Knives Bag Colour Green
    Size 19cm / 7.4" Weight each 22gr