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Save the Planet With Conscious Consuming

Scientists have estimated that by as early as 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans. The stark truth about our plastic consumption is eye-opening. To help save the planet, each one of us has to act. By opting for bamboo cutlery instead of the plastic alternative, you are helping to protect our environment.

What's the harm?

Every bit of plastic ever made still exists. Over time, the majority of plastic that enters our oceans is broken down into tiny microplastics which cannot be recycled.
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super cute and eco friendly, lightweight, easy to carry around
darkhorse on Aug 27, 2019
Zero waste
The compact bamboo cutlery came today and everything is just like the picture.
JB Rose on Jul 04, 2019
Love this cutlery set
I like this set a lot and I always carry it with me. The bamboo cutlery pieces are well made and as big as the usual metal ones. I find the tie closure of the fabric bag very elegant. Great customer service.
Kate Thomas on Sep 11, 2019
Extra cute and natural
These are so cute! I gave them as a thank you gift. They are really well made. I love the cleaner brush for the straw. The carrying case is well made, looks nice, and keeps all the pieces clean and organized.
Norren.M.Docker on Sep 15, 2019

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