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Eco Baby Cutlery Set

Sustainable Spoon and Fork for Your Little One's Mealtime

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My Little Panda's eco baby spoon and fork set is made of natural olive wood, making it a sustainable and safe choice for your little one's mealtime. The unique wood grain patterns of olive wood give each spoon and fork a beautiful, one-of-a-kind look. The compact size of the utensils is perfect for little hands to grip and use.


The smooth surface of the olive wood cutlery makes them comfortable to hold and use as they won't cause any friction or strain on your hands.


With its easy-grip curved surfaces, it makes scooping and grabbing food easy.


Made from sustainable, all-natural materials, these olive wood utensils It can be used again and again, making it a great eco-friendly option.

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Combine it with a bamboo bib and a pouch. By adding playful designs and fun colours, babies will be inspired to use the set regularly and make it part of their daily routine.

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Perfect Gift For Eco-Conscious Individuals, This Unique Combo Is Sure To Be A Hit!

Product Story

As parents and friends of young ones, we wanted to develop a product that would be easy to grasp and gentle on soft, delicate mouths, while maintaining the My Little Panda ideals of environmentalism and ethical business. This eco fork and spoon have a smooth finish and are 100% natural. In spite of the fact that My Little Panda specializes in bamboo products, these limited edition sets are made from olive wood from Italy's Puglia region.


Reusable: Yes
Olive Cutlery:
Material: Olive wood
Size: 15 cm
Material: Bamboo Cotton
Size: Neck 26cm and 34cm Press stud
Material: Hemp Cotton
Size: 17 cm

Country of origin: Vietnam

Care: We recommend washing the bamboo cotton bib and hemp bag at 40 degrees Celsius in the washing machine. Olive wood cutlery can be cleaned in the dishwasher or with hot water and soap.

Design & Assembly

The eco baby cutlery set has been designed by UK students. We accept designs from UK-based students that are studying Product and Industrial Design. Most of our products are bamboo-based and it is vital that all of our products are produced in an ethical and sustainable way.

Assembled in the UK to make sure that all of our products adhere to British manufacturing and production standards.

Sustainability & Environment

We want the environmental footprint of our business to be as minimal as possible. Our items are shipped to us from our manufacturers via sea freight, producing 80% less carbon than air delivery and stored in our London facility.

We offer three options when we post to you, so you can choose the one that is right for you and reduce unnecessary standard package waste. By giving customers the option to select a package size that is appropriate for their needs, we can help reduce the number of packaging materials that are used. This not only helps to minimize waste but also reduces our environmental impact. View here...

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Latest reviews

Agnes N.

If you're on the lookout for a thoughtful and practical gift for new parents, My Little Panda's eco baby cutlery set is an excellent choice. I recently purchased this set for my friends who just welcomed their first child, and they absolutely loved it.

Kelly M.

I recently purchased My Little Panda's eco baby cutlery set as a gift for a friend's baby shower, and I must say that the product itself exceeded my expectations. The olive wood material is beautiful and feels sturdy, and the set comes in a sustainable box that makes for a great presentation.

However, I was a bit disappointed with the delivery process. The package arrived later than expected, and I had to contact customer service to inquire about its whereabouts. It turned out that there was a delay due to unforeseen circumstances, but the customer service representative was helpful and professional, which made up for the delay.

My friend loved the gift and appreciated the thoughtfulness behind it.

In summary, while the delivery may have been delayed, I was happy with the product itself and would still recommend it as a great gift idea for new parents or for anyone looking for an eco-friendly cutlery set.


I love this baby cutlery, It's constructed of olive wood, so it's durable and easy to clean. Plus, it has ergonomically designed handles that make it comfortable to use and the bright colours bibs make it fun for children to eat with. I highly recommend it.


Just wanted to say that I'm really happy with My Little Panda's eco baby cutlery set. The olive wood material is great and feels sturdy, and I love that the packaging is sustainable too. Highly recommend!


I bought My Little Panda's eco baby cutlery set for my niece and had it engraved with her name. She loves them! The olive wood material is really nice and feels safe for her to use. It's a great gift option.


Just received my spoon, and I'm really happy with it! The olive wood material is beautiful and feels sturdy. Highly recommend, even if you're just purchasing the spoon. It's perfect for tea!


My kids have been using My Little Panda's eco baby cutlery set for a few weeks now, and I must say that they absolutely love it! As a parent, I'm always looking for ways to make mealtime fun and engaging, and this cutlery set has definitely delivered.

My kids are always excited to try out something new, and the unique wood grain patterns on each spoon and fork make every mealtime feel special. Plus, the compact size is perfect for their little hands to grip and use.

But what I love most about this cutlery set is that it's a great way for my kids to learn about the world around them. We've had conversations about the importance of sustainability and the impact of plastic waste on the environment. It's a great tool to help them understand the concept of eco-friendliness in a tangible way.


As a new parent, I've tried several bibs for my baby, but I must say that the bamboo cotton bib is the best for me. The soft and gentle fabric feels comfortable against my baby's delicate skin, and the bib is absorbent enough to catch any spills or dribbles during mealtime.Thumbs up fro me