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About Us

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My name is Paris Michailidis and I am the co-founder of My Little Panda. Working together with my business partner David Mejias Fuentes, I founded the company because I wanted to make a difference, a difference that would be positive for the environment and a difference that would help preserve and protect our planet for future generations.

Desire to change

Plastic pollution is an issue that has gained increasing traction with both consumers and businesses, as the public has become more and more aware of the polluting, toxic effects plastic usage is having on the environment.

Since the 1950s, humans have produced over 8 billion tonnes of plastic, with 6 billion tonnes ending up as pollutant waste. It can take up to 400 years for a piece of plastic to naturally degrade, and much of the plastic waste we have produced has found its way into both the food chain and our waters - plastic now accounts for up to 80% of the debris present in our Earth’s oceans.

In 2010, the US government launched a multi-million dollar investigation into the links between Bisphenol A - the primary element of plastics - and cancer. Bisphenol A is chemical that has already been proven to leach into food under warm conditions, while we already know that if incinerated without treatment, plastics can release cancer-causing toxins.

It is this concern over the possible links between cancer and plastics that holds special poignancy and significance for me. I lost both my father and brother to cancer and this personal tragedy is what inspired me to devote the rest of my career to helping reduce plastic usage.

At My Little Panda is to make a meaningful and positive contribution to minimising global plastic use and its toxic effects. We wanted to give people/you the opportunity to make a difference as well by giving you the choice of using products that are non-toxic, BPA-Free, 100% eco-friendly and sustainable.

Choosing ethical products is not always the cheapest option, so My Little Panda’s aim is to make choosing ethical products more accessible and more affordable. We want everyone, no matter their budget, to buy disposable cutlery that is cost-effective, natural and sustainable, allowing as many people as possible to make their contribution to the environment and the long-term health of the planet.

My Little Panda
My Little Panda products

Are made from only the most eco-friendly and sustainable raw materials. They are chemical free, responsibly produced and ethically sourced. All of the materials we use are fast growing and can be harvested without any damaging environmental effects, such as emissions or toxicity. If you are passionate about the environment like we are, you can use My Little Panda products knowing that you are making a difference and directly helping to reduce plastic pollution.

Paris Michailidis & David Fuentes

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