• Pandas Clapping For Carers

    Last week on 26/3/20 at 20.00pm GMT, people all across Britain stepped out of their front doors, onto patios, balconies, or leant out of windows to give a public and rousing applause for those working in the National Health Service. The team at My Little Panda made sure that they were all involved.
  • English Plastic-Straw Ban Comes Into Force

    Following an open consultation, the British government has brought in a ban on plastic straws, drink stirrers, and plastic cotton buds that will come into effect in the next few days. Natural, organic & biodegradable bamboo straws are the perfect solution.
  • Worried About Hygiene? Why Not Carry Your Cutlery With You?

    The need to prevent viral outbreaks and the spread of germs has never been more prescient than in recent weeks. Whilst self-isolation may be a viable option in certain circumstances, ultimately some will still need to be out and about for work, family and just the needs of daily life. Whilst there are some more obvious and well-documented ways of preventing the spread of germs, like hand washing and avoiding too much physical contact, there are perhaps other areas that you can aid in the prevention of the spread of anything unhygienic.
  • London Introduces Its First 'Low Plastic Zone'

    London is a city of many faces; an epicentre of global trade, a cosmopolitan metropolis and now, a city trying to fight against the rising tide of plastic plaguing our planet with its introduction of Low Plastic Zones.
  • Why We Back The Wave Project

    We spend a lot of time on this blog lamenting the amount of plastic in our oceans and explaining how a switch to bamboo products can aid in fighting this. This is because we recognise that our oceans are precious, and one charity that knows the power of the waves is The Wave Project, a surf therapy charity.