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    Sustainability has become increasingly important to the future of life on our planet, and finding ways to be more sus...
  • Is the War on Plastic Being Lost? London

    Consumer awareness of the dangers of plastic products and their effect on the environment has increased significantly...
  • Plastic and its negative ecological impact By Sarah Dodds

    Over the past couple of years, I too have found myself swept up in the tide of new information and awareness on the topic of plastic and its negative ecological impact. It’s great to see it becoming more at the forefront of conversation across the media and society in general.

  • Going Organic to Save the Environment from Plastic Pollution

    Biodegradable plastics were invented in the late 1980s as an ultimate solution to plastic pollution. However, they did not live up to the expectations given that some of them, especially plant-based plastics, don’t biodegrade. That means you cannot throw them in a compost pit and expect them to decompose as tree leaves do.

  • Simple Ways of Mitigating Plastic Pollution

    Humanity’s dependence on plastics cannot be overlooked. It is estimated that the oceans receive approximately eight million tonnes of plastic each year. These amounts are sufficient to destroy the entire eco-system if this trend persists. This worrying statistic is informed by the fact that plastic bags and bottles are the most littered objects despite all the efforts made against plastic pollution.