• Are Sustainable Products the Answer?

    The world’s addiction to plastic products is starting to have severe consequences for the natural environment around us, and this can be seen almost everywhere you look. Despite the world’s increasing awareness of plastic related environmental issues, production of plastic products is continuing to skyrocket. Over half of all the plastic products in the world today were manufactured in the last 15 years.

  • It's Time for You to Help Fight Plastic Pollution

    Sealife is being destroyed by our excessive use of plastic. Don't be just another bystander. This reusable bamboo cutlery set is a sustainable solution which helps cut back on the use of plastic cutlery. Be a wise and considerate consumer.

  • The 2020 Ban on Plastic Straws

    In May 2019, Michael Gove, the British environment secretary at that time, confirmed that in 2020 several plastic items will be banned. This will include straws, cotton buds and stirrers. 

  • Meat is The New Threat to Our Planet, Just Like Plastic

    In her latest release, renowned wildlife and natural history presenter, Liz Bonnin, has sent the world into a panic after revealing the worrying impact of meat on our planet.

  • The Perfect Alternative to Plastic Straws

    Are you tired of watching the depressing news items on how pollution is killing the environment? Have you been wondering if you play a part in making the world more habitable for the future generation? Well, if you use plastic single-use straws, then you are among the people who contribute to the billions of straws that are always thrown about, resulting in pollution.