What Does BPA-Free Really Mean?

BPA usage is a hot topic in the manufacturing and packaging industries. Today, you’ll find various products claiming to be BPA-free. Many consumers opt for products labeled BPA-free, assuming them to be somehow safer than those containing BPA. However, this is a broad generalisation on their part and doesn’t necessarily mean that the product they’ve bought is as safe as they think.

Here’s what you should know.

What Is BPA?

BPA is short for bisphenol A, an industrial chemical commonly found in plastics. It’s particularly found in epoxy resins and polycarbonate plastics epoxy resins that are used for manufacturing food and beverage containers.

While BPA isn’t a recent discovery, it has recently gained traction for its harmful effects. They can cause hormonal imbalance, hinder gland development in foetuses, affect fertility, and are linked to cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

What Does BPA-Free Mean?

Products labelled as BPA-free claim to not include the BPA chemical at all. Theoretically, this sounds like a safe bet. However, just because a product has a BPA-free label doesn’t mean it’s not harmful.

The thing is, BPA-free has become a trendy label. It’s especially used in the food and beverage industry to retain customers. However, while a product may claim to be BPA-free, it may have other variations of bisphenol, such as BPF, BPAF, BPP, and BPS. All of these compounds have the same basic chemical structure as bisphenol. The variations often have slight differences, making them almost as unsafe as BPA.

When you buy a product with a BPA-free label, it’s best to look out for other components as well. Do your research and evaluate the brand’s manufacturing policies and eco-friendly stances. It’s recommended to opt for products that use natural and sustainable elements throughout the manufacturing and packaging stages.

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Proudly BPA-Free

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