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There have been many inquiries over the past years asking why My Little Panda doesn't sell certain products. In our role as responsible designers and manufacturers, we always develop products using the same design process. Materials and products made without chemical additives that can be developed are of interest to us.

For the following products, we couldn't find a solution to produce them 100% natural hence why we don't stock or sell them. Below is some information we came across and we thought it was our responsibility to share. A number of reputable websites provide additional information. (government etc) 

1. Fiber Bamboo, Sturge, Wheet etc (all)

 Includes Cups, Cutlery, Baby Cutlery, lunch boxes etc. 

Made of 80% Melamine (Chemical) 20% fiber from natural material

Not recyclable - Not Eco-friendly - Not healthy

Reusable bamboo mugs leach dangerous amounts of formaldehyde and melamine.

Read Report or sgs



2. Paper Straws

Despite the fact that paper straws and plant-based straws like starge straws, rice straws, etc do not contain plastic, glue is used to bind them, which is the problem. Read the study  

Not recyclable - Not Eco-friendly

Try the paper straw test: Roll a piece of paper into a straw. When you move your finger, the paper will roll flat again. Glue is needed to keep it attached.

3. Bamboo, Palm, Plates.

Glue together. Have you ever wonder, if bamboo is round in shape how can you produce a flat plate. We did.

The issue is whats in the glue. Melamine, if you need further information receach the word Melamine.

Not recyclable - Not Eco-friendly

Read article  or sgs

Our Ideology is No Chemicals in the Food Chain.What is your perspective?
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