We had a crazy year, didn't we?

My Little Panda developed a new service for small businesses at no charge. The site was created to promote family-owned businesses, women-owned businesses, and small businesses that make a difference to the community, especially now that things are crazy. Name - "Not on Amazon"

For the Small businesses that represent the soul of a city and make it great - that's what makes its culture. Isn't it silly to not do everything we can to keep them? We owe it to them.

Not on Amazon is community directory where small businesses can get the exposure they need at no cost. At the same time, everyone will discover who they didn't know was there. just like wandering around a brand new neighbourhood.

Update - Our Little Panda products are no longer available on the Amazon marketplace, and we have been doing better than ever since we left the platform.

NHS - Last but not least, I would like to thank all NHS staff for their exceptional support over the past two crazy years. Their support has been invaluable. We have survived and have done extremely well, which is why we are giving back to small firms like ours.

Click on the Image Below to learn about Not on Amazon.

Not on Amazon Community Directory
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