3 Tips for Travelling Sustainably

Are you planning to travel to France from the UK? Or perhaps you want to travel to Spain from the UK? Regardless of your destination, you need to know some important tips on sustainable travelling. Read on to find out more.

Pack Sustainable Items

The first thing travellers are concerned about is their packing and travel bags. The ideal amount of packing doesn't happen in the first attempt. Too much packing and you have to bear the extra weight on all your trips. Too little, and you will often find yourself regretting the things you left out.

Here is a solution. Try to pack as many sustainable items as you can. Not only do they last longer, but they also eliminate the need to carry replacements. Sustainable items are typically lightweight, portable, and easily washed and reused. 

At My Little Panda, we have a wide variety of sustainable items that you can pack. Plastic straws have littered the oceans, so why not go for bamboo straws instead? As mentioned above, they are washable and reusable and are quite safe and hygienic to use. Similarly, instead of using plastic crockery and cutlery, go for the bamboo ones. They can fit perfectly in your travel bags without adding a lot of weight and are highly durable. 

Use Sustainable Transport

We believe in sustainable travelling through and through. But sometimes, you have to take that flight no matter what. If you are facing such situations, we recommend carbon offsetting your flight with a reliable provider.

Carbon offsetting is basically compensating for the amount of greenhouse gases produced. Hence, if you really need to take that flight to Spain, you can sponsor some trees or plant them yourselves. Not only does this allow you to invest in various sustainable projects, but it makes you more responsible towards this planet. 

For local travelling, instead of using individual cars, we highly support the usage of bicycles or walks for travelling short distances. For longer distances, buses reduce a lot of environmental pollution as it can take twenty people at once, eliminating the need for twenty separate cars emitting smoke and toxic gases.

Leave No Trace

It is always a sore sight when you see leftovers all over the place. You will find plastic waste, used belongings, used cutlery, polythene bags, and so much more all left out in the open. The internet is filled with images of oceans covered with plastic waste; the sight of beautiful beaches marred by trash. It is a disgusting and truly sad state of affairs.

As a responsible person, you are supposed to leave no litter behind after your trips. You might be very tempted to throw that plastic spoon once you have used it. Or you could use sustainable products and carry them along to use them for your next trip. Cloth bags can replace plastic bags, which are easily washable and long-lasting. Instead of throwing away your trash, keep it for recycling or reusing. Think of how much money you can save if you reuse your stuff. 

Bamboo toothbrush travel set

Where Do We Come in This?

At My Little Panda, we are staunch advocates when it comes to  preserving our planet. We believe that sustainable products are the future, and while people are quickly realizing their benefits, it will still take time. We want to show the world that sustainability doesn't have to be on a grand scale. It can start from your house from even the smallest of things you do. It's all about the idea behind it.

If you are a vegan and are concerned about packing eco-friendly products only, My Little Panda is the right place for you. Our products are demonstrably safe and easy to carry. They minimize waste and reduce the overall pollution, and can save you from spending potentially hundreds of pounds. Instead of buying new stuff again and again for each trip, a one-time investment can save you so much time and money while making sure you are living a green and healthy lifestyle. 

Most of our products are made from natural materials like bamboo or olive wood which, as you know, are quite safe and hygienic to use. Since they don't have any metal, you can also take them along in your flight. The blade of our knives are less than 6 cm, thus ensuring that state laws are strictly followed. Almost all of our products are extremely lightweight. Consequently, they won't really affect your overall luggage weight. 

Our products are SGS certified, and they can be a wonderful addition for you. If you yourself aren't a frequent traveller, you can gift our products to someone you know! You could also have their name engraved on travel bags as memorabilia.

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