4 BBQ Cooking Tips for Beginners

If you want to impress your family and friends, you should brush up on your BBQ cooking skills before summer arrives. There are tons of simple techniques and hacks to help you grill juicy, tasty, and sizzling food. Our suggestions work for sausages, burgers, veggies, and any diet-friendly option you select for grilling.

We slip in some eco-focused tactics to ensure your pursuits are environmentally safe.

Let’s begin.

Handle the Heat Well and Close the Lid 

Whether you use a charcoal grill or a gas BBQ tank, cooking techniques influence the taste and texture of your food.  First-timers interested in grilling flavoursome meat should cover the grill to turn it into a makeshift oven.

The unconventional hack retains the juices of your meat and prevents it from drying out from the extra heat. That’s because the additional coverage regulates the temperature. It leads to a good sear as heat remains evenly distributed throughout the cooking time.

Alternatively, placing the coals on one side creates two temperature zones. It can help you maintain optimum temperature by cooking food on direct heat and switching to a more moderate BBQ area.

In both cases, keep protective gloves handy to reduce the risk of unforgiving burns.

Invest in Reliable BBQ Tools

Proper cooking utensils can help you avoid rookie mistakes on the grill. They allow you to gain control of the slippery patties and veggies as you flip and serve them. You also need tools that can take the heat. Otherwise, you are left with a slightly charred or melted plastic utensil that doesn’t last another BBQ event.

You can give your barbeque ventures an eco-centric spin with My Little Panda cooking products. We’ve got some long-lasting, heat-resistant tools here that withstand high temperatures without showing signs of wear and tear.

Here are a few must-have options for your outdoor cooking station:

  • A long-grip bamboo tong here  prevents you from dropping the food while taking the meat/vegetables on or off the heat.
  • A turner spatula to flip tasty burger patties and char your veggies well
  • A mixing spoon made from bamboo for preparing salads and sides
  • A sauce spoon to make homemade BBQ sauce or simply drizzle a store-bought option over your deliciously cooked meat.

In addition to this, there are two long spoons for stirring and serving. Each holds a purpose during the cooking process. Consequently, having them in your arsenal makes your first experience on the grill stress-free.

The benefits of these cooking utensils don’t end here. Their portable size, easy storage, and dish-washer safe surface allow you to reuse them for every cookout.

Bamboo cooking utensils set

Homemade BBQ Food FTW

Ditch pre-packaged meals for wholesome, healthy, and nutritious homemade food. Use locally-produced, pasture-fed meat for your patties, sausages, and steaks. You can even switch things up by swapping meat for smoked fish. Halibut, salmon, and monkfish are suitable contenders for this adventurous BBQ menu.

You can create well-proportioned fish filets or slice them strategically to cook a grilled fish stuffed with salt, pepper, dill, and lemons.  It can give your BBQ fish an excellent tangy, zesty, and refreshing taste.

What’s more?

We strongly advise new cooks to marinate the meat overnight. That way, the meat will absorb the juices and flavours better. Save a little bit of the marination sauce for the main cooking day.  Dab or brush your chosen meat with a nice sauce before grilling it. When done well, this tactic gives you a delicious caramelised glaze.

Moreover, avoid preventable flare-ups by ensuring that fatty bits of the meat do not react to the flames.

Don’t Forget Your Sides

Veggies are an underrated part of the barbeque menu. They are highly versatile and can work for the main dish or sides. Charred carrots, zucchini, eggplants, and other veggies taste delicious. 

Other fantastic BBQ food items include:

  • Corn on the cob
  • Traditional potato salad
  • A vibrant and colourful couscous
  • Beet or jackfruit patties for a vegan burger

Remember to slice the vegetables equally and thinly. You can use a fresh vinaigrette for seasoning later on.

Let’s Turn Up the Heat!

Overall, the best BBQ cooking tips revolve around the concept of sustainability and mindfulness. You’ll crumble under pressure and heat if you don’t plan and prepare ahead of time. Our tricks and barbeque cooking utensils can ensure that nothing goes amiss.

More importantly, this purchase makes the process sustainable and environmentally secure for everyone involved.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to shop for a set of BBQ cooking tools and tongs to get the sensational party started.

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