6 Great Places You Can Go Camping in Scotland

Scotland is famous for having some of the most breath taking views and camping sites in the UK. Here is a list of the best sites for camping in Scotland.

1.     Gleann na Muice, Fisherfield



The Scots call mountain climbing Munro bagging. If that’s your thing, then Gleann na Muice is the perfect place. You can make base camp in several places and then enjoy the hike up. The mountain range here includes the Fisherfeld Five, some of the most remote mountains in Scotland.

At 131 metres, you’ll know exactly when you’ve reached na Muice. You’ll see peaks on all sides and find wonder under every stone. When you feel a little tired, you can rest for a meal and pull out My Little Panda’s bamboo cutlery set. You won’t pollute the environment and have a sturdy cutlery set to last you in the rugged terrain.

2.     Glen Nevis, Lochaber


This mountainous area has several peaks and valleys which you can marvel at. Glen Nevis contains the tallest mountains in all of the UK. You can camp in the shadow of one or simply out on the plains and greet the sun when it rises. The best part about Glen Nevis is that it combines the highlands with access. The gorge may be steep sided, but it also cradles some of the most beautiful alpine meadows in the UK.

If you feel hungry, you can always rest and take in the scenery while eating with My Little Panda’s bamboo cutlery.

Don’t miss the Steall Falls either. They’re the highlight of this highland. They pour into a beautiful pool which joins a mighty river with smaller plunge pools. There’s even a famous wire bridge you can traverse if you’re feeling adventurous.


3.     Peanmeanach Beach, Ardnish


This point on the West Coast of Scotland is mostly uninhabited. It’s a great area for climbing up nearby hills which offer incredible views of the neighbourhood terrain. More than that, the area has a lot of rugged beauty. If you’re looking for the raw beauty of nature and a little solitude, there isn’t a better spot.

4.     Loch Beinn a’ Mheadhoin, Glen Affric


You can just imagine having a fireside chat here at the Loch Beinn a’ Mheadhoin. It’s surrounded by mountains and dotted with streams and rivers in the middle. The beautiful freshwater location is as picturesque as you can get. Some may even say this is paradise.

There are also several small islands where you can set up camp to go fishing or swimming. There are even tree stumps where you can rest without the need for any chairs.

This is a place which you would never want to spoil or ruin with any garbage. So, take along the My Little Panda bamboo cutlery set to last you throughout the trip. No waste or garbage when you take along this set. You’ll keep the Loch pristine, just as you found it.

5.     Rackwick Bay, Orkney


Rackwick Bay is dotted with several islands that you can see whenever you peer out of your tent. Hoy beach is particularly beautiful and will make you feel like the Vikings when they first came ashore.

Rackwick Bay is also famous for its cliffs and beautiful coastline. If you’re wondering where to go camping in Scotland for a beautiful view, this may be your best choice.

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6.     The Lost Valley, Glencoe

The Lost Valley in Glencoe is knowing as a hanging valley of Coire Gabhail. This is because a number of towering peaks block its way. The glen has a dark past since the Clan MacDonald took shelter here after the Glencoe massacre in the late 17th century. However, it’s peaceful pristine now and filled with beautiful wildlife.

It’s guarded on all sides by mountains, so it makes for a very good spot to relax. It’s the best place to camp with a flat high meadow and meandering stream to keep you company. You can even take shelter behind certain giant boulders. 

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