Cheltenham Festival: Everything You Need to Know

Cheltenham is famous for several things, including its architecture, culture, science, and some of the most highly anticipated festivals in the country. One of these famous festivals is the Cheltenham Festival, which is a horse racing tournament. The event takes place at the most well-known racecourse – the Cheltenham Racecourse, which has a total of 22 fences to jump, making the races all the more exhilarating to watch. If you’re interested in attending this festival, keep reading to find out all the details you must know beforehand.

The Cheltenham Festival: Where, When & Why?

As previously mentioned, the Cheltenham Festival takes place at one of the most famous racecourses in the UK. The tournament stretches for four days, with the fourth day titled the Gold Cup Day. The games are held each year in March, around the time as St. Patrick’s Day, making it a perfect entertainment source for the Irish tourists visiting Cheltenham.

When most people think of time-worthy horse racing, Cheltenham is the first place that comes to mind. In addition to the 22 fences that make spectators jump out of their seats, the festival is filled with countless drinks, food, and social activities. The half-hour train ride from Bristol to Cheltenham also makes this festival easily accessible for many locals as well as interested tourists.

If you’re in or near Cheltenham, horse racing is something you probably don’t want to miss!

How to Get In

Getting into the Cheltenham racecourse during the first three days of the festival is pretty easy. The passes are available at the main entrance, and depending on where you want to sit, the ticket prices can range from £20 to £80. We must also point out that, on average, about 200,000 spectators attend the festival each year, and the tickets for the final Gold Cup day are almost always sold out via advanced booking.

Accommodation, Transportation, and Nearby Attractions

All accommodation venues are packed with tourists and race-goers during the festival season. From premium 4-star hotels to local B & B’s, you’ll find plenty of options matching your budget and preferences for your stay in Cheltenham.

Similar to accommodation options, you can also opt for any conveyance method; from trains, buses, and taxis to air travel and luxury rentals, you will find a plethora of transportation options for the tournament. Whether you want to attend the festival, go shopping, or visit the nearby tourist spots, travelling within Cheltenham is relatively easy.

Some of the famous tourist attractions to visit in the city include The Wilson, Pittville Park, Montpellier Gardens, and the Cheltenham Town Hall. You can opt for private custom tours, multi-day tours, and even biking tours entailing lots of outdoor activities and a deep dive into the city’s cultural heritage.

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What to Pack for the Cheltenham Festival

Some people show an outstanding level of interest in the betting ring at the Cheltenham Festival, while others prefer it for the social activities the festival has to offer. Either way, one thing is for certain; you’ll definitely need to keep some cash in hand for the 4-day tournament. Even if you don’t want to bet at the horse racing games, you’ll want to make a purchase from the long line of stalls there.

In addition to the exchange of thousands of pounds, the festival also includes lots of drinking and munching. The racecourse gates typically open around 10:30 am, and the last race takes place at approximately 5:30 pm. The long hours are bound to make you hungry.

Luckily, you’ll find plenty of wine, champagne, beer, tea, and coffee to quench your thirst. As for your hunger, you can munch on the readily available hot dogs, sandwiches, and burgers at the venue. If you prefer eating 3 to 4-course lunches in between the races, there are several eateries and hospitality venues in the vicinity.

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Concluding Thoughts

There are numerous reasons for you to attend the Cheltenham Festival, including the chance to experience world-class hospitality, visit one of the greatest racecourses in the world, and witness the Cheltenham Roar firsthand. If you’re excited to attend one of the most highly anticipated horse racing games in the UK and are looking to pack reusable and disposable cutlery options at the most budget-friendly rates, My Little Panda has got you covered! Click here to view all our Eating On The Go offers.


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