Glastonbury Festival: The Ultimate Packing List

The Glastonbury Festival is more than a run-of-the-mill music festival; it’s a melting pot of entertainment, a whole other “society” with relatively relaxed rules and a plethora of entertainment sources for people with different tastes in music and the performing arts. The festival takes place every year or so, and it turns the green fields of Pilton into one huge tented city, attracting thousands of attendees from different corners of the country as well as the world.

If you’re planning on entering this entirely different world of live entertainment, you should prepare accordingly and pack all the essentials. We’ve compiled a list of things that you shouldn’t forget to add to your backpack for your 5-day stay at the festival.

The Ultimate Packing List for the Glastonbury Festival

While you may have an idea of what to pack for the Pilton Festival, it’s always better to have a list in front of you to make the packing endeavours all the more straightforward. Let’s take a look at some of the essential items that you need to take to the Glastonbury Festival:

1.      All the Essentials

The essentials typically differ from person to person, depending on their lifestyle, personal preferences, and habits. However, some items are equally essential to everyone. Don’t forget to cross-check that you’ve packed the following essential items before leaving your house:

  • The festival ticket
  • ID cards
  • Cash and credit/debit cards
  • A warm jumper
  • Tent[s] and sleeping bag[s]
  • Rolling mat
  • Toilet roll and other toiletries
  • Medication [if required]
  • First-aid kit
  • Sustainable cutlery by My Little Panda


2.      What to Pack from Your Wardrobe?

When we hear the words Glastonbury Festival, music is the first thing that pops into mind. However, the long miles of the society also includes circus shows, theatre, kids’ entertainment centres, and much more! This means that you’ll be doing a lot of walking if you don’t want to miss out on each of the shows that the festival has to offer.

There have been many instances where Glasto-goers experienced heavy rainfall. Hence, packing a pair of sturdy boots is of utmost importance when attending the festival. In addition to the boots, you must also keep extra pair of clothes, in case you get wet during the rainfall. However, if you’ve packed a long raincoat, you’ll probably get by with the clothes you’ve packed for the 5-day retreat. Some other essential items include hats, warm clothes for the night, and a bag for your dirty clothes.

Bamboo cutlery

3.      Sustainable Cutlery by My Little Panda

The Glastonbury Music Festival has been around since the 70s. More recently, the festival’s committee has shifted its focus towards making it more eco-friendly and sustainable. Since it’s one of the world’s biggest festivals attended by thousands of people at a time, the amount of waste produced can also be significant. However, you can do your part by using reusable and disposable items wherever and whenever you can.

One such item that you’ll be requiring and using multiple times in a day is cutlery. By investing in disposable, reusable, and sustainable cutlery here  and water bottles, you can ensure proper hygiene as well as help reduce the overall carbon footprint of the festival.

4.      Don’t Forget Your SPF and Insect Repellents

Most of the time you spend at the festival will be outdoors, if you haven’t bought the ticket to lie inside the tent. More time outdoors means more sun exposure and attracting all kinds of bugs and insects. To be on the safe side, keep an insect repellent in your backpack and use it whenever you see fit. Additionally, using sunscreen with SPF will prove beneficial in avoiding extreme sunburns. With these final two items in your bag, you’ll be ready to attend the upcoming Glastonbury Festival.

In Conclusion:

The Glastonbury Festival is one of the most prominent performing arts and music festivals worldwide. When preparing to attend the event, make sure not to forget to pack reusable cutlery sets. Head on to My Little Panda’s Eating On The Go items and shop the cutlery essentials that’ll add sustainability to your adventures.


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