The All Natural Cutlery For Your Next Event Are Here

Not too much thought is put into how disposable cutlery could harm the body.

Knowing that what is being used is 100% natural, such as this Biodigardable Bamboo Cutlery, gives the user confidence in knowing that they are not absorbing anything which could be harmful, such as the by-products of plastic.

Kind to the Environment

This Disposable Bamboo Cutlery package comprised of 50 forks, 25 spoons, and 25 knives, has components which make it friendly to the environment. It is made with the highest quality, 100% organic bamboo. It is biodegradable, so that when disposed of, it disintegrates quickly, causing no harm to the earth.


Bamboo is also sustainable, as it grows quickly and requires no use of fertilisers or chemicalsBamboo is also sustainable, as it grows quickly and requires no use of fertilisers or chemicals, making it a perfect choice for disposable cutlery such as this product. The reusable packaging is a bonus for those who want to be kind to the environment. Those who are purchasing this Biodigardable Bamboo Cutlery set can take pride in the fact that they have taken one important step in the reduction of plastic. Plastic has the reputation of adding greatly to the pollution of the earth, including its waterways, and is known for its slow deterioration process. This is all harmful to the earth which we need to protect.

Safe and Enjoyable to Use

Aside from the great qualities of the material, this Disposable Bamboo Cutlery is made with excellent craftsmanship. This means that there are no concerns about splintering or natural breakage. Children and seniors, along with every other adult, can use this cutlery with no worries for safety. Another benefit of this cutlery is that there is no after taste, as there are no coatings used on it. This also means that it will not alter the taste of the food it is being used for.

Reusable Up to Five Times

Although affordable enough to be disposed of after its first use, this set of organic bamboo cutlery can be used up to five times. It is heat resistant, so it can be washed and dried in a normal manner, with no compromise to its durability. It performs as well on its fifth use, as it does the first time it is used.

Great for Home Use and Events

Disposable Bamboo CutleryNo matter what the occasion they are used for, or simply for home use, this Disposable Bamboo Cutlery set is the perfect option. It is a great choice for birthdays, special occasion events, barbecues or picnics. It is ideal for the kids to use for their school lunches or for the workplace. For campers, it is perfect, as the Biodigardable Bamboo Cutlery is easy to transport in the durable, reusable cotton bag. It can then be carried home in the same bag for cleaning if the decision has been made not to discard the cutlery.

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